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Packing adhesive tape (PAT)

Packing adhesive tape (PAT) – the generally accepted “scotch” – the most common material for fastening containers and individual goods.

Areas of use

PAT are perfect for a variety of household and industrial tasks.
It’s used if it is necessary to wrap items for storage or transportation, seal boxes or bags. Depending on the dimensions, weight of the goods and the level of automation of the process, the sizes of the tape rollers are selected.

Tape material

The technology for the production of PAT consists in applying a special adhesive layer to a BOPP-film and winding it on a cardboard sleeve or spool. Then the finished jumbo rolls of the tape are rewound and cut to the required size. The thickness and quality of the film, the composition of the adhesive and the thickness of the sticky layer are the main parameters for quality control and pricing of PAT.

Packing method

– for manual wrapping: packing containers and products manually, as well as with the help of special hand tools – dispensers. The winding length in this case is from 40 to 150 m.
– for machine winding: packing containers with the help of packaging machines. The winding length of machine tape is 990 m. If you use packaging machines, then buying such rolls in bulk will undoubtedly be more profitable.

Base thickness

The thickness of PAT should be selected taking into account the scope of application, temperature conditions and the type of application material.
Most popular thickness of PAT:
• 38 µm – 40 µm – recommended for use in warm rooms,
• 43 µm – 45 µm – an effective solution for sealing products over a wide range of operating temperatures,
• 50 µm – Maximum load carrying capacity, reinforced BOPP backing, for use in harsh environments.


The width parameter is practically not affected by whether the product will be wrapped with adhesive tape manually, using dispensers or using mechanisms.
Depending on the needs of consumers, packaging adhesive tapes are offered on the market with a wide range of widths – from 6 to 150 mm.
The most common width parameters 48 mm and 72 mm are constantly available in the warehouse of our company.


PAT are produced in the following color versions:
– transparent or tinted (brown). The most common, and at the same time the lowest in price;
– colored. This product is more expensive, but it is necessary in a number of cases, for example, when products need to be not only wrapped, but also highlighted in a certain color; or for branding the company’s products.
We offer our customers a wide range of adhesive tapes: transparent, tinted (brown), white, red, blue, green, black and others.